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Canton Public Library 2019

Mystic Mitten Lectures & Presentations

We LOVE talking about ghosts. In fact, we're not sure there's anything we love to talk about more. If you would like to book us for a lecture or presentation, please send us an email at

Michigan’s Most Haunted 

Join Jessica of Mystic Mitten Paranormal Group as she shares chilling and thrilling tales from their investigations around Michigan. Known by locals as "the Mitten", Michigan is reportedly one of the most haunted states in the United States.  1hr + 



Ghost Hunting 101 

Join Mystic Mitten Paranormal Group for an workshop and learn how to preform your own paranormal investigations. Learn the basics of “ghost hunting”, what to expect on your first investigation, how to conduct your own EVP sessions, and more!  1hr + 


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